A1 Pest Control Saw A Monthly Rise Of Over 40 Calls And A 101% Increase In Website Traffic

Client Overview

Jack Roberts and his wife Peggy made the courageous choice to purchase and rebrand a pest control firm shortly after graduating from pest control school. Today, the company is known as A1 Pest Control, is headed by their son Bruce, and has grown into a significant institution serving North California. They have kept true to its initial values and ideals as the firm has grown.

The company has evolved from a modest start-up to a large corporation. However, with this growth comes growing pains. A1 Pest Control is not alone in its challenge; it is a struggle shared by many businesses that have been for decades: it struggles to reach new clients at scale using modern advertising strategies. Additionally, they have difficulty determining if the advertisements they run are effective or not, as traditional media makes it impossible to track an advertisement’s efficacy.

The Challenges

Pest control companies are in fierce competition with each other. For an industry that relies on foot traffic, the digital sphere is now a crucial battleground. 

Today, with four offices and counting, the company needed more than word of mouth marketing to sustain its development. Traditional advertising has been demonstrated to be impossible to track and prohibitively expensive at scale.

Customers no longer rely on the yellow pages or the recommendations of their friends and family when making purchasing selections. They simply need to conduct a Google search for their specific pest problem and hire the first business that appears in the search results. A good SEO strategy was a priority for A1 Pest Control as a pest firm aiming to solidify its position in today’s industry.

The Solutions

When A1 came to us, they were looking to generate more leads and new business opportunities. With a side market that was serviceable in both rural and urban areas, we felt it was important to create campaigns with specific goals for each region.

The first step in our SEO process was to create a strong funnel that could capture leads from multiple sources. We began by revamping the website with a new design and content focus. This included an emphasis on keyword-rich internal links, SEO-friendly blog posts, and fresh, relevant copy that enhanced search results.

We then developed citations for their business name, address, phone number (NAP) on various websites. These citations help Google know where your business is located so they can display your information in the local search results.

Pest Control SEO In-Depth Approach

Content Audit:

An evaluation of A-1 Pest Control’s current online presence was the first step in the development process. What we discovered was that, despite their quantity, their substance was deficient in terms of quality. It lacked effective structuring and targeting, as well as an insufficient amount of keyword utilization. These factors, combined with the site’s lack of authority, led Google to conclude that the site lacked the ability to give genuine value to its users and therefore rated it.

Keyword Research:

Following that, we conducted keyword research. By gaining an understanding of the terms our consumers use, we can create content around those words or phrases, allowing our material to rank well. Our job for A1 Pest Control was to keep track of the first-page results for pest control and other relevant keywords in each of the target cities. We optimized the site by creating city-specific pages to rank for a range of “city + keyword” phrases.

Content Strategy:

Today’s prevalent misperception regarding written content is that it is exclusively composed of words. The best content strategies are well thought out in advance, and their impact is typically noticed over the course of several articles. Our content strategy for this client entailed telling a tale about the services they provided and the values that distinguished them. This way, a potential customer may stumble into their blog, fall in love with the firm, and then hire their services.

Link Outreach:

This is the concluding component of the puzzle. To guarantee that A1 Pest Control received a steady quantity of inbound links from relevant sites, we spent time identifying websites that functioned in the company’s vertical. Following that, we launched a link building campaign based on the newly developed content for the site, which resulted in an increase in leads for the firm.

The Results

The strategy that we used to help them achieve this goal was a combination of tools: a well-designed website, dedicated content and tied it with organic SEO. The combined use of these tools allows A1 Pest Control to dominate their niche online, while also building trust and rapport with potential clients.

A1 Pest Control has had outstanding outcomes. They witnessed a 101% boost in website traffic and more than 43 calls a month since collaborating with us and implementing our methodology. This is the outcome of being at the top of the search results for pest control in nearly all of Vancouver’s competing cities and areas.


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