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“Your All-In-One Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising for Pest Control Companies”

While it is certain that your expertise and services are needed by thousands of consumers in your area, marketing your pest control company can still be quite the challenge. Organic reach is great, and especially in small cities, word of mouth can go a long way. However, when you are trying to expand your reach and build your audience past your loyal fan base, you will need to try new marketing tactics to achieve it.

A great digital marketing strategy to start practicing is running pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These not only help you get your content in front of a targeted audience, but it is also a cost efficient way of running paid ads. With pay-per-click, as its name suggests, your budget gets debited if and only if an interested viewer engages with your content. This means that the funds you allot to the campaign are spent on quality leads that you can also track and leverage through other means.

Below, we discuss all things PPC, including why PPC marketing for pest control companies is important, how you can execute it, and how to hire a pest control PPC agency to take care of it for you.

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What Exactly Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as PPC advertising, is a part of digital marketing in which the company runs ads online and pays only when a viewer clicks on one of them.

This is a great way to drive web traffic to your website, reach a wider audience or your content, and also generate more quality leads.

There are many kinds of PPC ads to choose from. Given the range of options, it is up to you and your advertiser to decide which one you want to focus on, or which types you want to run together in order to strengthen your overall campaign.

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What Are The Types Of Pay Per Click Advertising?

It is important to understand your options before starting your PPC advertising campaign, and also when is the best time to be using each one of them. This helps you create a PPC marketing strategy that is more efficient, highly profitable, and can help you achieve your marketing goals within budget.

Below, we will focus on the 3 most common types of PPC ads and when you should use them.

#1 Search Ads

Paid search ads are the most common type of PPC ads. They are also one of the easiest to utilize, which is why marketers still starting their journey with PPC use these to experiment tactics with.

How it works is that advertisers first choose relevant keywords they want their ads to show for, then they prepare the ad copy that appears when a user searches for that keyword. Along with this, the advertiser must indicate the maximum amount they are willing to pay if and when their ad gets clicked.

This type of PPC campaign uses an auction system. The system has a built in algorithm that decides which pad ad appears and how much it is worth. It analyzes the ad using many quality factors, along with how much the bid is per keyword.

Lastly, search ads appear above and below organic listings and should have the word “Ad” on the top left. This is the best type of PPC ad to use if you want to target viewers that are currently searching for pest control services.

#2 Display Ads

The main difference between search ads and display ads is that with search ads, your promotion will most likely show up in front of viewers that are actively searching for your service. While with display ads, your promotion will most likely appear in front of users who have shown interest one way or another through their past searches, engaging with similar services, and the like.

While display ads tend to have more affordable bid prices, they also offer a lower conversion rate compared to search ads. A display ad is the best type of PPC ad to use when you want to build awareness of your product.

#3 Remarketing Ads

Have you ever browsed through a website, exited it, and found that wherever you go online, the website’s ads are now appearing on your screen? This is the power of remarketing ads. This type of PPC shows ads to users who have previously visited your site and is one of the most profitable ads there is. Because the user has already shown interest, the conversion rate with remarketing ads tends to be high.
A remarketing ad is the best type of PPC ad to use when you want to target potential customers who were close to converting before and guide them back into the sales funnel. Some examples of who would be targeted by remarketing ads are:

  • Previous website visitors
  • Those who have already purchased from the site
  • Those who signed up for the newsletter
  • Those who have spent a long amount of time on the site but did not convert
  • And more

#4 Other Types of PPC Ads

  • Video ads, which are great on Facebook or YouTube.
  • Social ads, which targets viewers browsing on various social media platforms. Moreover, you can even do a remarketing ad or video ad through social ads.
  • Gmail sponsored ads, which looks a lot like a normal email except have the word “AD” beside the subject line. These take users to an expanded version of your ad, which then leads to your landing page once clicked.

Why Is Pay Per Click Advertising for Pest Control Companies Important?

PPC advertising is one of the most successful and widely used forms of digital marketing for years now. While there is a budget tied to it, you can enjoy quick results, reliable ROI, and it is highly accessible for all. We all know that getting your brand on a search engine results page is important, and while you are still building on your organic visibility (which should still be practiced despite running PPC ads), paid promotions can help get you there faster.

Moreover, it has many advantages. Apart from being able to target specific audiences per ad, you can also control how much of your budget goes into per click, making this form of digital marketing very cost effective. It is also measurable and data-driven, which can help you better calculate your ROI.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Pest Control Pay Per Click Agency

There are many factors that go into running a PPC promotion, which is why it is highly recommended to let a professional pest control pay per click agency run it for you. With a pest control PPC agency setting up and managing your ads, you are better focused on the other facets of your business with the benefit of a team updating you with results along the way.

When choosing the right pest control PPC agency, ensure that they are up to date with the trends as it is rapidly evolving in the digital space. They must also practice transparency and be able to work as a partner, not someone who takes full control without your say.

Here at Pest Control SEOs, we guarantee full communication and great results with each PPC campaign. If you want to learn more about how we can help your pest control PPC ads, talk to us today!


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