Fullscope Pest Control Ranked #1 in Google Maps in 5 Different Cities, With a 290% Increase in Monthly Phone Calls

Client Overview

Derek Salazar, a lifelong Houston native, created Fullscope Pest Control in 2018. Even though Fullscope Pest Control is a new business, Derek has over 30 years of expertise in the pest control field, working in both commercial and residential settings during that time.

The company prides itself on making customers feel safe and comfortable in their own homes by providing a thorough inspection of their property for any signs of pest infestation.

When they decided to expand their business and offer their services to a larger area of North Houston, they realized their online marketing was not up to par. They wanted a partner that could assist them in developing an online presence that would bring in leads from the whole North Houston metropolitan area.

The Challenges

As their pest control business grew, they realized that they wanted to expand to serve all of North Houston. However, when Fullscope started investing heavily in paid ads to grow its digital footprint, it quickly found that the investment wasn’t paying off as expected.

With the increase in demand and competition, they realized that they would need to expand their marketing efforts. Initially, they tried an online advertising campaign, but they struggled with poor conversion rates. They were spending too much on ads without seeing enough of a return. 

They needed a way to build an organic presence and grow their customer base. They contacted us at Pest Control SEO to assist them in developing their brand and creating a high-quality website that would assist them in achieving their aim of expanding into new markets.

The Solutions

When they came to us they were looking for help improving their SEO ranking so they could get more organic traffic to their website.

We used our SEO Audit tool to pinpoint exactly what elements needed improvement and made a custom plan for optimizing their site—including technical modifications, content additions, GMB listing and more—to get them the ranking boost they needed.  

We also provided them with recommendations for future projects that would help them rank even higher and some tips for how they could stay on top of SEO best practices now that they had a clear idea of what they were.

Pest Control SEO In-Depth Approach

Content Audit:

When we first started working with Fullscope, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the site’s content. We identified the pages that didn’t have much or any organic traffic and made sure that the ones that were ranking well had up-to-date content. It was important to us to evaluate the quality of the existing content, both as it pertains to SEO and as it’s perceived by readers. We then identified content that could be improved with updated information, new images, and optimized copy.

Keyword Research:

Once we have analyzed their current rankings and know where they stand, we will start researching what keywords they should be targeting based on search volume, competition and relevance. Our research shows that while some keywords may rank easily, they might not bring in any traffic because the monthly search volume is small or there is no competition because all other searches go directly to ads instead of organic results.

Content Strategy:

With an in-depth keyword analysis that incorporates search volume, relevancy, and geographic location, a content strategy is developed to make sure the entire website is optimized for the terms that are most likely to drive business. From there, we craft unique and relevant content that works in sync with the website’s code structure and design to attract search engines, increase traffic, and convert visitors into customers.

Link Outreach:

While continuing to produce new content for the site, we also begin link outreach with other websites related to our client’s service offering. We contact these websites and request that they link back to our client’s website as a resource on their relevant pages. This builds credibility with search engines over time which results in increased traffic and rankings.

The Results

Fullscope wanted to be able to offer the same level of service in more areas, which meant the team needed a way to manage their time and resources more effectively.

After working with our team, they are now able to do just that. They rank #1 in Google Maps in 5 different cities all over Northern Houston, and they’ve expanded into three more cities as well.

Our partnership has resulted in a 290% increase in monthly phone calls through GMB and the company’s website. This means that Fullscope is getting more leads for less money, which allows them to focus on expanding strategically rather than spending time and resources on broad marketing efforts.


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