Keeping your local SEO strategy strong is not always as straightforward as every marketer would hope. The algorithm continually shifts, and so does demand. Because of this, it is always best to revisit your local SEO campaign for pest control to determine which practices are still working, and which ones may need tweaking.

There are many elements to local SEO that one should keep an eye on. However, we suggest prioritizing these 5 tips below to ensure you stay on track and keep your website ranking as high as it could.

#1 Update (or start using) Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the best ways to keep your local online visibility at its peak. With GMB, you can get a chance to secure a premium spot in the organic search results page. If you play your cards right, you can appear within the pack alongside two other high-ranking companies. Google will also display a map with a pin on each of your locations to show readers just how near you are to their area

Apart from this, your GMB will display relevant information, such as:

Ensure that this information, especially your NAP (name, address, phone number) remains consistent throughout your website, socials, and other digital spaces that you are mentioned.

The stronger your GMB page is, the more visible you can be to consumers within your service areas. These are the readers you want to target since they are most likely to reach out and connect with you.

#2 Keep your local keyword research game strong

Keyword research is not a one-time thing. In order to stay on top of the latest trends within your industry, and capture a market looking for your services in present time, you should also keep your keywords and phrases up to date.

Doing so involves regularly checking in on how your keywords are performing and weeding out those that don’t give enough back to your company.

#3 Carry out a technical SEO analysis

technical SEO analysis

When carrying out your technical SEO analysis, there are three main elements that you want to focus on, namely:

Look into each of these elements to ensure that they are optimized, as they should be. The cleaner, more connected, and faster your site is, the higher you can rank in organic search results.

#4 Make sure to apply On-Page SEO

This is a major area wherein your keyword research can be utilized. Ensure that you add them into the following:

#5 Include link building in your strategy

Link building involves both external and internal links. These go hand-in-hand to strengthen your credibility, authority, and ease of site navigation.

Internal link building refers to the practice of linking one of your pages to another one of your web pages. This adds to the consistency within your website and also ensures that a vast number of your content gets enough foot traffic.

External link building refers to the practice of receiving inbound links from other sources. When another website or online platform adds a link on their space that redirects their users to you, that signals Google and other search engines that you are a trustworthy site.

You’re All Set!

Strengthen your pest control local SEO today with the 5 best tips above. When properly maintained, you can expect to receive a steady flow of foot traffic on your website, and an increase in quality leads!


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