Local SEO can be very challenging. Even if you have applied all the practices and methods you have read of, chances are things won’t run too smoothly the first time around. Perhaps your strategy needs a few minor tweaks, or there are elements you have overlooked. No matter the reason your strategy is not driving as much traffic as it should, there is always a fix!

Below, we discuss the top 3 most common local SEO mistakes that pest control companies have made, and how you can quickly fix them to get back on the right track.

Common Mistake #1: Setting It Up, Forgetting It After

Search engines have an algorithm that is ever changing. This means that keeping on top of things and regularly updating your online presence is crucial if you want to continue to rank high. By putting things up and then being inactive for long periods of time, Google will then interpret this as your business no longer existing.

How To Fix It: The best way to fix this is by updating your website, replacing your old images, updating your contact information, your socials  – everything!

Common Mistake #2: Not Targeting The Right Keywords

Some companies think that by targeting popular keywords in general, they get to rank high on search results. In reality, targeting keywords that are specifically relevant to your business and services is how to get a good spot.

The goal of utilizing keywords is to be able to match with potential consumers who are looking for what you have to offer. The more accurate your keywords are to their queries, the stronger the lead, and the stronger the lead, the higher your chances are of landing a sale.

In the event that you just choose random popular keywords, you can definitely expert your bounce rate to get high and your engagement to get low.

How To Fix It: Add your location/ city as part of your keyword phrase. Also add other areas where you are able to service in order to reach a wider scope. Moreover, utilize free tools to conduct keyword research and continue to monitor their performances on your website.

Common Mistake #3: Website Is left not optimized

It is not enough to build a website if you are just going to leave it as is.

You must optimize it to be as efficient as possible so as to offer a smooth user experience. For instance, almost 60% of consumers use their smartphones to conduct research. This means that you must optimize your website to read well on mobile devices. This ensures that all necessary content, images, buttons, and others are easily accessible.

Moreover, you must make sure that only important elements are included on the site to reduce unnecessary weight. This in turn makes your web pages load faster and lower bounce rate.

How To Fix It: Check how mobile-friendly your website is using Google’s free mobile-friendly test. Double check if your navigation system is user-friendly and also that all important pieces of information (services, location, contact us, etc) have their dedicated pages.

Other Common Mistakes

Other Common Mistakes

While the above are the top 3 most common mistakes, other factors often overlooked include:

You’re All Set!

Making mistakes is definitely part of the journey to better SEO. If you notice a dip in your foot traffic or if it has been consistently low, we suggest running through this quick list and see if any applies to your website. If you do notice any elements that need tweaking, there is no need to worry! SEO is a long-term journey and adjusting things along the way is part of the process to success.


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