Running a pest control business means that you are offering a very specific kind of service and/ or set of products to the market. Because of this, you want to ensure that you stay top of mind and are a customer’s first choice when the time calls for it.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect this to happen overnight. There are quite a few steps to take before being able to claim that you run a successful pest control business.

One of the most essential steps in the process is being able to generate more quality pest control leads.
Getting pest control leads is crucial to the upkeep and growth of your business because it essentially results in building your client base, which could lead to more referrals, and ultimately (if you play your cards right) could lead to a lot of repeat customers.

The more you find your previous clients coming back, the more you can rest assured knowing your marketing strategy, customer service, and after sales are going smoothly and helping you stay top of mind.
Before getting ahead of ourselves, we should first discuss how exactly you could start to generate quality pest control leads, and what tips you can consistently practice to keep them coming.

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Creating A Website

A website is an essential element in your lead generation strategy. We highly recommend putting in enough time, budget, and effort into making sure you have a functional, responsive, and fast loading website for all your visitors.

Think of it as a hub that holds all the important information (and then some) that your business could possible need to make public:

Sounds straightforward enough right? Well, not quite.

You need to ensure that the website you built – or paid someone to build – is up and running in such a way that allows this whole process to come together. It must be ready to take on foot traffic, cater to inquiries, and make it easy for them to create contact with our team. Basically, your website must offer a great customer experience from their first search to appointment booking. So how do you do that?

#1 Faster Loading Time

It is very important to have a fast loading website to generate more pest control leads. Studies show that sites that load within 2-3 seconds had the lowest bounce rates, which means a bulk of their visitors actually stayed on.

Some ways to have a faster loading time are:

#2 Utilize White Space

White space makes your website easier to navigate and your content much easier to read and digest. It also makes for a cleaner look, which would essentially be easy on the eyes and have them want to stay on longer.

#3 User-friendly Navigation System

Speaking of navigating, you can get better pest control leads by making it easy for them to find their way around your website. You can do so by:

#4 Responsive Design

This is a big one! With a bulk of today’s website crawlers using different kinds of devices, it is absolutely crucial to build a responsive website. This means that no matter what screen they view your site on, they can easily read all the relevant information and find what you need them to without inconvenient cropping and spacing taking place.

#5 Contact Form and Live Chat

By being easy to reach and connect with, you offer your potential customer a sense of trustworthiness, friendliness, and professionalism. Three of the most helpful ways to build a steady client base of quality pest control leads.

#6 Include Testimonials

By seeing that other clients have trusted you and were satisfied with their decision to do so, you can quickly turn a cold lead into a sale.

 #6 Call To Action

It is important to guide your visitors down the purchasing decision funnel and maneuver them in your favor. This means providing clear calls to action that lead them where you want them to go and take action exactly how you would hope.

#7 Utilize Visuals

Using high quality authentic photos that display your staff, your office, and your projects help make your website visitors feel more like they can relate and reach you.

Showing videos that explain certain procedures and topics thoroughly are also great. Lastly, if you include an infographics or two, you are sure to generate more pest control leads because the majority of the market can process information better in visual form.

#8 Strong and Powerful Content

Last but definitely not the least, your website needs to have strong and powerful content that provides timely and relevant answers to your potential client’s needs. By being able to show your knowledge on the matter, you can better earn their trust and confidence.

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Using Social Media

Having an active social media presence can help you generate pest control leads in many ways, such as:

#1 Social media helps you share information faster

By using strong visuals and pairing them with relevant captions, you can better share information that may be exactly what your potential client is looking for. Moreover, social media platforms make it even easier to spread data, not only within social circles but across varying locations as well.

#2 Social media allows you to target specific audiences

With the kind of information social media platforms have access to, you can better narrow your target audience by their age group, location, and interests. This ensures that all your marketing efforts are directed towards individuals who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

#3 Social media offers more ways to connect

When trying to generate more pest control leads, it is important to be approachable and easy to contact. Apart from the live chat and contact form options on your website, your varying social media platforms can also serve as a means of reaching out to you, having a conversation about your products and services, and finally booking an appointment.

What should your social media sites have to maximize these?

Try to post regularly and during the time frame that your clients are online. This helps your audience be more engaging with you.

Moreover, ensure that you provide enough basic information, such as:

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Strengthening Your Local SEO

Your website should be optimized well enough to be able to rank high on Google search results. Especially when it comes to local SEO, taking advantage of techniques that can boost your ranking can definitely go a long way when it comes to connecting with clients within your reach and area.

The results of applying search engine optimization (SEO) marketing techniques may not show overnight but they definitely build up over time and are well worth the investment you put into it.

Some of the things you can do to get started are:

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Word Of Mouth Advertising

It may seem old fashioned but word of mouth advertising remains to be one of the most powerful marketing tools there is. The reason behind its success is the fact that garnering recommendations within your own social circle automatically makes the company being discussed much easier to trust.

Having someone you know personally tell you that they have faith in this brand and have had a good experience with them in the past makes you more inclined to try them out yourself, right?

You can strengthen your word of mouth advertising by asking your previous clients to leave reviews online or by also starting your own referral program, which can provide incentives in exchange for bringing in pest control leads for the business.

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Email Marketing

Another marketing technique that a lot of people seem to think has gone obsolete is email marketing. Email marketing can definitely increase the amount of pest control leads you can acquire. In fact, it is with email that you can better take care of these leads and maintain the connection.

Once someone has established contact with you, invite them to sign up in exchange for a discount or other incentives that you are willing to provide. Once you have them on your email list, you can start informing them of any promos you may have or of a new blog post you published that centers on DIY pest control practices they can benefit from.

If you successfully convince them to book an appointment, you can then start sending them more targeted promos, perhaps those exclusive to returning customers.

No matter where they are in the sales funnel, utilizing email marketing can help strengthen that lead and convert to paying customers.

Generate More Pest Control Leads By: Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

We briefly mentioned it above but it needs its own highlight. Your Google My Business page is what shows up on search results for local searches. It allows you to post updates on your company like your services, photos, reviews, and more.

The main way you can keep the information optimized is by always staying on top of the information displayed. Make sure that your company’s description, categories, hours of operation, and current offers are all up to date.

You’re All Set

By keeping these practices in mind, you can surely generate more quality pest control leads and grow your business in no time!


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