All digital marketers who have done their research know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should take up a big chunk of the strategy. Your SEO strategy should go hand in hand with your content strategy, offline marketing strategy, and all the other aspects you add into your online marketing.

However, seeing as there are so many factors to cover when promoting a brand, product, and/ or service, you understandably have to consider the budgeting. When it comes to the costs of pest control SEO, you will discover that the numbers can greatly vary depending on what exact services you need, the intensity of your competition, the SEO experts you choose to outsource, and so much more.

Below, we take you on a quick and concise guideline regarding everything to do with pest control SEO costs, and your options moving forward.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is important to your business for a number of reasons. We discuss our top 5 factors that backs up its relevance:

Factor #1: SEO Increases Your Brand’s Visibility and Rankings

SEO is one the best ways to improve your visibility online, help your potential customers to find you, and increase your search result page ranking in the process.

Admit it, you rarely (if ever) go to the second page of your results page. Neither do most people scroll all the way down to the bottom of the first page – which is why it is crucial that your website makes it to the top portion of results, preferably the top 5 on the list.

With better SEO, you can expect to rank higher and higher in results, which would lead us to the next factor: web traffic.

Factor #2: SEO Increases Your Web Traffic


Once your visibility and ranking get higher, the higher your web traffic gets with it. Studies show that the #1 spot on the search results page garners almost 32% of all clicks, while the #2 spot gets roughly 30% of the clicks.

More importantly than the top 5 spots is the little section above all the URLs called “Featured Snippet”. To get this position, fondly coined rank #0, you will need to fill up a landing page or a blog post with answers to relevant questions. By being able to provide relevant information that connects perfectly with your targeted keywords, you can give your click-through rate a huge organic boost.

Speaking of providing relevant information, moving on to the third factor: Authority.

Factor #3: SEO Increases Your Authority

When your brand garners authority online, it essentially means that your website is deemed more trustworthy, of higher quality, of more relevance, and has much to offer in comparison to your competitors.

SEO can help in increasing your authoritative status. By being able to provide multiple web pages that rank high in terms of relevance, search engines like Google will assess that information and pull your URL higher in search results. There are a few SEO strategies that can strengthen your authority, such as being able to gather backlinks from other well-known sites and having multiple other sources link back to you.

Factor #4 SEO Creates A Better User Experience

With more relevant content and better on-site optimization, the overall usability of your website improves as well. This in turns creates a more positive user experience for your website visitors, which is crucial for:

When we say on-site optimization, we are pertaining to a number of methods that you can utilize together. This includes:

Factor #5: SEO Backs You Up When Search Engines Can’t

Search engines run autonomously. The way that they rank your website and help boost your visibility is all done on the back end and with the use of data. Because the internet is such a vast place, there are bound to be a few things that can get in the way of processing that data effectively, thus creating hiccups in the search engine’s process.

However, with proper and consistent SEO strategies, you stand a chance to counter those and fix anything that could be blocking your site’s success in search results.

What Factors Can Affect The Price of SEO?


Now that we have established why your pest control SEO is a must, we can get on with the different factors that can affect the price of your strategy. Before being able to determine just how much budget you need to allocate, you first need to know how much work needs to be done. Some of the factors to consider are:

Factor #1: The Size Of Your Company

Bigger and more established brands will usually have stronger competition to overturn. In order to stay ahead of the game and outsmart a larger number of strong competitors, larger companies will have to invest more budget in their SEO strategy.

Smaller companies most likely have a narrower scope to cover and would therefore be able to maximize a tighter budget.

Factor #2: Your Keyword Competitors

Similar to having more competitors in the field, it would also cost more if you have a lot of competitors for your chosen keywords or keyword phrases. This is because a sought after keyword would cost more to rank higher for, compared to alternatives that other businesses don’t pay much attention to.

This does not mean to say these keywords are bad or ineffective either. In fact, it would be healthy for your pest control SEO strategy to have a good mix of both popular and niche keywords. This enables your brand to further diversify your reach and not put all your eggs in one basket.

Factor #3: Where Your Business Is Located

Where your business is located and the services you are can also affect the cost of your pest control SEO. If you are situated in a large and busy metropolitan area, you will most likely have to shell out more for your budget compared to small town or rural locations.

The reason behind this is simply the fact that it is harder to gain visibility in big cities and the cost of living (read: keeping business afloat) is also higher.

Factor #4: If Your Business Is A Niche Market

Niche markets have their advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of niche markets is that they can be really profitable if done right. With your target audience having more focus on you without the noise of multiple competitors, you have the power to target keywords that not a lot of other businesses are vying for.

However, when targeting these niche keywords, a strong strategy is required in order to rise above the other high-ranking phrases. Thus, the higher cost for your pest control SEO.

Factor #5: What SEO Services Your Business Requires

Formulating an SEO strategy has many facets that fall under it. These all work hand in hand to build a strong foundation and maintain a good standing in the long run.

Depending on just how many of these facets your business has yet to cover in order to achieve your goals, your pest control SEO cost could vary dramatically.

Factor #6: The Size and Scope Of The SEO Strategy

In relation to the above factor, the scope of the project will definitely matter when it comes to price point. With each service that you need, there are varying levels to how much work is required to get to your end goal.

For instance, you may already have a lot of relevant information planted on your website that has garnered you a spot on the top 6 URLs. This would mean that the work required to get you at least 1 to 3 ranks higher is less compared to if your business didn’t make it on the first page at all.

Similarly, if you require a website to be built from scratch, larger ones with more pages and a more challenging structure will require more hours and cost more compared to a small one.

Factor #7: The Level Of Expertise Required For The Job

Naturally, if the job calls for more specialized knowledge, then the project will be more expensive to fund. After all, outsourcing someone with enough experience, better education, and who is up to date on the latest trends can offer your brand a better ROI in the long run.

What Is The General Price Range For Pest Control SEO?

To be able to determine just how much it would cost, your chosen SEO expert must first gain complete understanding of your needs and goals. Furthermore, there are different payment schemes that clients and agencies can use to, such as:

According to a survey by Sparktoro, over 87% of SEO services utilize a monthly retainer, followed by 65% charging by the hour or per project, and just a little over 15% offering performance-based payment schemes.

Moreover, multiple sources cite that the general monthly cost for SEO services fluctuated around $500 to $7,500. The final prices were of course determined by the factors listed above.

Here at Syntech Digital, we understand the need to acquire quality expertise without breaking the bank. Because of this, we have crafted our packages to fit the needs of businesses of varying sizes. You can get excellent pest control SEO strategies with us for only $1,200 to $2,000 per month, depending on the scope of the project.

How Can You Determine If Your Pest Control SEO Expert Is Worth It?

SEO is not an overnight solution to your marketing problems. In fact, a strong strategy can take a few months for you to really appreciate its ROI – but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

One way you can determine if your investment is worth it is by calculating how much you would have spent on other strategies (such as PPC advertising) in order to get the same results. Compare the two and see which one you gain more value with.

Another way is to check how much quality leads and sales you are acquiring through organic traffic. Is how much you’re earning bigger than how much you are spending to increase that traffic?

Lastly, it is important to choose an SEO company that you can trust. Some of the things to look out for when outsourcing for your pest control SEO are:

Now that you know what to expect when it comes to cost, it is time to take that step towards a better and stronger SEO ranking. If you are in need of quality pest control SEO strategies, feel free to send us a message at Syntech Digital to discuss your needs, goals, and how we can help you achieve that!


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